"With a slim budget and only five months to plan our backyard evening wedding, we were skeptical of hiring a professional photographer, but choosing Annie Watts Photography to document our day was one of the best decisions we made in the planning process. I hate to have my picture taken, and I had almost no idea what kinds of photos I wanted or how to pose. But Annie assured me that she would provide guidance if necessary. I can say now that I have never felt more at ease before the camera than on my wedding day, when Annie's subtle direction and easy flow took all pressure off me and allowed me to simply "be the bride." When we received our digital copies of the photos no more than two months later--much more quickly than expected!--I teared up. I have never felt so beautiful in so many pictures in my life. Annie had exquisitely captured the spirit of the fast-fading day, and not a single "essential" picture was missing, despite a scatterbrained bride, family mayhem, and torrential rain which significantly shortened our outdoor photo time. I highly recommend Annie Watts Photography, particularly to those who feel intimidated by the camera. Annie is a pleasure to work with, her prices are competitive, and she has an eye for the moments that make up the magic. Just hire this girl already!"



"I could not have asked for a better photographer! She has an amazing ability to capture each moment and I didn't even notice her always being at my side. Her photos turned out so beautiful and romantic - the only downside was I wish I had had her take my engagement photos as well."


ALLISON CAPPS | engagements

"Annie is a wonderful photographer! We used her as our engagement photographer. She makes you feel comfortable in front of the camera, and makes the experience really fun. Annie will work with you and your ideas, and will go the extra mile to make sure you are happy with your images. I would use Annie as my photographer again in a heartbeat!"



"Annie has been absolutely incredible to work with. She does beautifully unique work and she is so much fun and so easy to work with. Even though we had so many amazing vendors I had at least one or two hang-ups with each of them. Not Annie though. Annie rolled with everything I threw at her, even when we had to wait until after the wedding to do my bridal pictures because of family emergencies and a late dress order. I talked with so many photographers and looked at even more. Bruce and I didn't click with any of them the way we clicked with Annie. Most wedding photography I see is good, but it's just average wedding photography, nothing unique. Annie has an amazingly unique style and she worked that style to perfectly reflect Bruce and I and our story."