Kyle & Katie Lemons | Pittsboro, North Carolina | Wedding

The morning of Kyle and Katie's wedding day, I woke up to unexpected snow flurries and a high-grade fever. As excited as I was, I couldn't help but feel the anxiety build as I wondered how I would make it through the day as sick as I was. However, as soon as I arrived at the church to begin taking pictures of Katie getting ready with her bridesmaids, all of those worries immediately melted away. I was greeted with such a warm welcome that it gave me the second wind that I needed. All throughout the day, both Kyle and Katie, along with all of their friends and family, were so incredibly patient, sweet, and understanding. Not only did that help, but just the fact that Katie made such a beautiful bride caused me to forget all about being sick!

I couldn't feel more blessed to have had the opportunity to capture Kyle and Katie's wedding. It was such a sweet occasion and simply a blast to photograph! Everything was simply perfect! Kyle and Katie, I hope you cherish these photographs for the rest of your life and that they bring you all the joy in the world for years to come! Best of wishes to you both!